XCMG Apprentice Season 5: Are You a XCMG Creator?
Author:admin Release time:2019-08-29 11:43

As one of the leading companies in the construction machinery industry, XCMG has always been supporting the young talents worldwide to push forward the sustainable development of the industry. 


XCMG Global Operator Excellence Program Prepares All-around Talent for Construction Machinery Industry


During the past few years, XCMG has held various events like the Global Operator Excellence Program, the “Global Scholarship” funded by the XCMG Blue Dream Charity Fund, and other education funds to schools worldwide. 



XCMG Apprentice is one of the most prominent and long-lasting training programs designed by XCMG to provide a career-boosting opportunity for all the enthusiasts in construction machinery around the globe. The program first began in 2015, and has hence become one of the most important annual events for XCMG.


From the video documentary of the apprentices’ visit in XCMG in Season 1 to the intriguing reality show in Season 2, from the One-week CEOs grown in Season 3 to the XCMG insiders exploring in Season 4, this year, we are glad to announce the return of a brand-new season: XCMG Apprentice Season 5. The theme for this year’s XCMG apprentice is XCMG Creators.



The aim of XCMG Apprentice has always been to provide an opportunity for the top talents to learn from the best: the elites in XCMG, to experience the inside of the top leading company, and to show the world what they can do.


This year, we are looking for the potential XCMG Creators. We are inviting a group of visionaries to get creative with the construction conglomerate – XCMG!


To maximize the participants’ experience and their gaining from the program, every season, XCMG offers lots of different bonus and a new exciting itinerary.  Here are four highlights of the XCMG Apprentice Season 5.


First of all, like all the previous seasons, XCMG provides the candidates with free round-trip tickets and accommodation to Xuzhou, China. The candidates will have the chance to explore the city with local guides and get the most authentic taste of its culture.


Secondly, XCMG has organized an inspiring itinerary tailored for this new season, and we make sure that surprises are waiting for the candidates every day.



Thirdly, the candidates will be offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the top elites of the industry. Not only will they have the chance to meet Wang Ming, Chairman and Party Secretary of XCMG in person, they will also be meeting the top experts in different departments. What’s best to boost inspirations and help to make changes happen than a conversation with the master of the industry.



Also, XCMG invites the candidates to the inside of the company. The candidates will be able to visit 7 major departments in XCMG and have a tour around different secondary companies accompanied by XCMGers. Other than learning from observing, the candidates will sure have hands-on experience on some of the most advanced XCMG machines. 



One week of being a XCMG Creators, you will learn more than you can imagine. The online application for XCMG Apprentice Season 5 has already started, and as long as you are passionate about the construction machinery industry, no matter you are an expert in Engineering/Material Science/ Environmental Studies, E-Arts/Architecture/ Interior Design, Business Management/ Marketing/ Advertising, or Visual Communication/ Photography/ Content Creation, you can be the next XCMG Creator!