XCMG, powering the Smart Manufacturing in the era of 5G
Author:admin Release time:2019-08-29 11:41

Starting from last year, the topic of 5G has always been on the headlines and has also gone viral on the internet, and the year 2019 is expected to be the year that 5G officially take off.  


This fifth-generation cellular network technology supports peak data rates of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbit/s), which unleashes people’s imagination on its application scenarios. 5G is expected to revolutionarily alter more than 10 application scenarios including VR/AR, smart manufacturing, social network, the construction of smart city, etc.



According to the report published by CAICT, 5G is expected to create a market worth tera of dollars. XCMG, the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer, reacts quickly and grabs this opportunity.


XCMG has always emphasised on the development of smart manufacturing, including the combination of Information Communication Technology and Manufacturing Technology. In 2017, XCMG has already issued the <Smart Manufacturing Strategic Planning>, which stated the importance of these four elements: Industrial Software, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Internet Infrastructure and Industrial Internet Platform.  



XCMG has laid a solid foundation for the application of the 5G technology with years of manufacturing background and its constant progress in the field of smart manufacturing. In the last few years, XCMG has started a series of different experiments.


In the field of Product Intelligentization, XCMG connects the vehicles with internet for smarter products. In the Research of the Unmanned Mining Machinery with 5G network, XCMG used 5G’s high data transfer and process speed to realize advanced technology including unmanned mining trucks, remote operation, smart parking system and obstacle avoidance system.


In the area of Smart Factory, XCMG used the advanced 5G narrowband IOT to interconnect a wider range of people, equipment, goods and information. Until now, XCMG has already connected more than 1 thousand equipment to the internet and built 50 thousand data collection points, which is able to collect 130 million data per day. By enabling the machinery to automatically study the technology of building the mathematical model, XCMG can simultaneously get the information of the performance of the equipment, the parameter of operation, the review of products, the location of materials, the accurate definition of the production plan and the on-time transportation.


As for the remote product maintenance and services, XCMG created the Xrea industrial internet platform which upgraded the data collecting method by interconnecting the equipment with the surrounding, the behaviour and interreacting data.



At present, the Xrea industrial internet platform has connected over 20 countries, providing product services and solution services for more than 400 enterprise customers including China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, Jiangxi Copper Corporation Limited and Jiangsu Tailong Decelerator Machinery Co., LTD.  The platform is currently managing more than 700,000 networking devices that worth over 550 billion, which covers more than 60 industry segmentation including equipment manufacturing, new energy, military industry, wind power and optical cable.



The Xrea industrial internet platform is one of the top industrial internet platforms in China, it can be widely used in different application scenarios and will sure be a strong boost to the development to the industry.


5G, the fifth-generation cellular network technology, is expected to power what’s being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This transformative technology will sure bring a revolution to the current mode of production and lifestyle, and will boost the development of smart manufacturing, which will all contributes to the emergence of a brand-new industrial ecosystem. Facing the coming of this new age of technology, XCMG will sure grab the opportunity and further develop the digitalization of its industrial internet to build a better, smarter future!