Vibratory Compactor XS103H
Author:admin Release time:2019-08-21 11:07
The XS103H fully hydraulic single-drive vibratory roller is more comfortable to operate and offers superior compaction performance and efficiency. It is suitable for compaction operations such as concrete, stabilized soil, pebbles, sandy soil, and sticky soil. It is an ideal compaction device for the construction of high-grade highways, airports, ports, and embankments.
Description Unit Parameter value  
Work weight kg 10600  
Drive wheel distribution weight kg 5900  
Vibratory drum distribution weight kg 4700  
Static line load N/cm 216  
Vibration frequency Hz 30/35  
Theoretical amplitude mm 1.9/0.95  
Exciting force kN 220/150  
Speed range Km/h 0-7.3  
Wheelbase mm 3040  
Compaction width mm 2130  
Theoretical climbing ability % 40  
Minimum turning radius mm 6400  
Vibratory drum diameter mm 1513  
Minimum ground clearance mm 431  
Engine model   SC4H135G2  
Rated speed r/min 2200  
Rated power kW 100  
Dimensions mm 6150×2300×3200  
Vibration system pressure MPa 18  
Steering system pressure MPa 16  
Drive system pressure MPa 40