Forestry Clamp Loaders LW1000L
Author:admin Release time:2019-08-21 10:15

XCMG’s new design of forestry clamp loader is equipped with wood clamp specially designed for log handling. A transverse force bearing mechanism is specially designed to address the complex movements such as flushing and pulling of materials by the upper clamp and the damage to the upper clamp due to the turning or walking of the machine on bumpy roads, and this design has applied and obtained a patent. The hinge point of the clamp is optimized and the optimized Z-shaped reversal six-bar mechanism increases the breakout force by more than 35% at high-level unloading positions, which can better meet the reversal the gripping force of the clamp, and the arm of force of the oil cylinder of the upper clamp is extended to increase the clamping force by more than 30%; the upper clamp is widened and a reinforcement plate is added to the side to increase structural strength while a wear-resisting plate is added to the bottom of lower clamp to extend the service life of the clamp; the zigzag structure can increase the clamping force to prevent slipping and shifting of timber; the enlarged diameter of upper steel pipe can improve the clamp strength; the extended tooth top of the lower clamp can increase the lifting efficiency; the protective plate is widened and the protection for cylinder joint and pipeline is strengthened; the machines and tools are all made of high-strength materials and the key force-bearing parts are structurally reinforced; double anti-wear design is adopted and the worst working conditions are considered through CAE analysis to prevent open welding and cracking. A protective net is added to the cab that can ensure easy startup and clean, increase the exchange for external fresh air, increase internal press, and prevent external dust; a protective bracket is added at the bottom and thickened steel plates are used in the engine, gearbox, and front frame to prevent branches and leaves from entering into the engine compartment and chassis, enhancing the protection for critical components.